Friday, August 22, 2008

It Came Today!

A couple of weeks ago I entered the Back to School Giveaway at 5 Minutes for Mom. And to my great surprise and great happiness I won this camera from Ciao. I received it today in the mail and wanted to post a picture of it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We have decided to have our dog Linda spayed and so yesterday was the big day. We went and dropped her off in the morning and I felt so sorry for her, she was shaking like a leaf that I felt so bad to leave her.

When we went to pick her up this morning they told us that we should have her wear this collar so she doesn't pick out her stitches and my kids are saying that she looks like a big flower. LOL!

I am so happy to not have to worry about her anymore and will be even happier when the stitches are out and things are back to normal. But for now we have a BIG FLOWER in our home.

Friday, August 8, 2008


One of the things my kids love to do is to bring me flowers. Those flowers may range from weeds to any other flower looking thing they may find. I always thank them and and try to appear like I actually LOVE the wonderful treasures as much as they do, but most of the time it is more about loving the child and their wonderful thoughtfulness. This time however it was a flower that I have been admiring afar for a long time and they surprised me yesterday with this flower. I think these flowers are so beautiful, but they belong in the water and I do love to admire the flowers in their own places, they make God's world so much more pleasant and wonderful, and my children decided to bring some of his masterpieces into our home, so now we have four of these wonderul flowers gracing our kitchen.

To say I don't appreciate these beautiful gifts and the thought behind them is not even close to true, but in my minds eye the fear of them actually going to the lake (without me knowing it) and having to step into the water, (OK, my overly careful mind can conjur all kinds of things, not the least which is alligators), but everything is o.k. and after explaining to them the dangers of venturing out without permission and supervision hopefully they will never venture out like that again. I am thankful that at least they didn't take the baby with them.
I also wanted to add this photo to the photo contest at 5 Minutes for Moms. Living in Florida it seems that our most beautiful flowering time of the year is in the winter, but there are a few hardy flowers that happen to bloom and look so elegant in the hot scorching summer months, and this is one of them. Hope you enjoy it as much as I am. What would I do with the $500.00 prize. I would spend it for the two birthdays that I have coming up. With two parties at the end of the month I am sure it would help make them special. My baby will be two and my baby boy will turn 6, so a shopping I will go. You can check out the contest here: