Thursday, July 10, 2008

Artistic Expressions!

Today we decided to take a journey into the world of painting. Each of the kids (except the baby who was napping) got to paint something. Here are some pics with them and their creations. Jonathan wanted to have lines on his coconut, and tried so hard to make the look right, I guess it is hard when you don't have the right paintbrushes as he wanted one that was very tiny and all we had were the bigger ones.

Here is Ashley with her sandals they just had to be purple, and she used all the purple because she also had to paint the backs of them, I guess this can show how much she likes to decorate and make sure things are just so. One of her favorite jobs is to be given a job of organizing or decorating, she just needs to work on the cleaning part, that could go by forever without being touched. HE HE!

And then there is Erik. He painted his sailboat and was so proud of it, it was just the best, the star just had to be yellow and he informed Jacob that you could not paint a star blue, but Jacob being so much of his own person, painted his boat using a complete different set of colors and it came out beautifully even if he didn't paint his star yellow. Now they will each have something to set on their nightstands they painted by themselves.


Anonymous said...

AWW, they all did such a great job!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Angela.

Its libby. Just found out that you have moved to the area. Call me sometime.


loree2000 said...

Sounds fun! The projects are cute!

Margee2007 said...

Very cute! I love it when the kids do a project. They try so hard. Nice pics of them too.