Friday, January 16, 2009

The Holidays

The holidays this year were quite different for us. With having a family of 7 it can get quite costly to travel by air so in order to try to save and also for my husband to be able to visit his family in Guatemala, we decided to do things differently. He took all the boys and went to Guatemala, and I took the girls and went to visit family in Ohio. Spending the holidays apart was very difficult for us, and I doubt we will ever do it again, but the my husband and the boys came back with so many stories and so many pictures. Me and the girls also had a great time, but things were different being without them.

Here are some pictures they took on their trip. Now I can't wait for us to make this trip all together as a family. The boys really miss being there and tell me they would love to live there. Guess I really missed out. LOL!


Tara said...

So that's what happened! Cassidy kept telling me Eric went to Guatamala but I knew you had said you were going to Ohio. Thanks for clearing that up, nice to know I'm not hearing things yet!

Dámaris said...

I am with them, You miss out! I completely understand the buying tickets thing for the whole family. It always warms my heart to see pictures from home. Sounds like your boys had a great experience. Hopefully some day you can go also.
Nice pictures.