Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's a Nature World!!!

Friday morning we were getting ready for school and with five kids trying to get them all ready and out the door is somewhat of a challenge. It was time to get in the car, and I was doing last minute checks on backpacks, snacks, shoes, belts, faces, hair, etc. When I step outside to find my two younger boys checking out this tree frog that had not escaped their attention. We frequently find tree frogs here and they never tire of wanting to catch them, and I usually try to explain that the tree frogs will not live here if they are always bothering them, and that usually works to deter them from catching them, but this one wasn't so lucky, and in their effort to save him so they could play with him later, he died. They put him in a plastic container on the back porch and when they came home he was dead. I didn't think to see if they had actually put him there, but he didn't make it. So here are the pics I took of Jacob holding him. I thought he was kind of cute... LOL!

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loree2000 said...

So cute! What a sweet moment!