Monday, May 5, 2008

Taking Thyme

Trying to take time to do the little things. Enjoy the kids and all their wonder. Sometimes I get so caught up in all the things I need to do that I forget to take the time to enjoy them. I love all the little things they do, the hugs, kisses, and all the things they say. Sometimes it is even as simple as a look that says it all. Being a mother is not always easy, but it is definitly rewardign to see them growing and learning. Today I watched as my 13 year old son was playing soccer with his friends and just enjoyed the moment. Seeing him become independant and developing relationships outside his family makes me happy.

I watch my 10 year old daughter and see her growing to become a young lady. She loves her sisters and brother so much and is always eager to help. Yesterday she even took out the garbage for her older brother, just to be nice. She loves playing and helping with the baby and is a joy to have in the house.

Then there the two boys, 14 months apart and always getting into trouble. Today they were literally climbing the door jambs and screaming, running up and down the stairs and playing - ghosts!!! Then I took them outside to play and burn some energy, guess what, they got QUIET! Imagine that.. UGH!! The mystery of boys.

Last but definitly not least is the baby. She is 20 months and is talking up a storm, she loves to watch Strawberry Shortcake, and love to have her "Ti Ti" (blanket) and sippy cup wherever she goes.

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loree2000 said...

Congratulations on your new blog!! They can be so much fun!!

I'll make sure you keep up! :D

Your kidlettes are getting so big! I'll look forward to seeing more of them!